"If you don't start somewhere, you don't go anywhere..."

How does a blog start? I'll be damn if I know, so here it is : the first stone. Maybe it's a raw piece of Rock, that we will sculpt as we go deeper into our exploration of the expression of our common passion: Music.


Music as entertainment for sure, we all love that, as this how society and modern western culture has turned it, and us into it, but not only. Music is something else too, even in the darkest times. Music has its own magic, it is of the greatest influences, it can be used for all sort of things and fill much of the existence's empty corners. To our everyday use it's has morphed into something as trivial as a "new" burger from McD's : quickly made, overly marketed, and often a rehash version of a classic - Success guaranteed for the masses of undiscerning starving peeps. We have witnessed this a hundred times already. Music is something we definitely need in many different ways. It triggers emotions like no other activities, and it is also a medicine as well as an enhancing and elevating experience. But if the world is in such disarray and excessive selfish-ism, with probably the highest levels of depressions and anxiety it has ever seen, would we need more musicians than we have now? Do we need more instruments than we can produce now? After years of asking myself the questions and work towards providing the world with more instruments, as a aspiring guitar maker, and thus nurture the world to provide more musicians, I believe the answer is...



Why ? Because we have more musicians than the world has ever seen, or heard. We have more instrument being produced every year than we can afford to play, repair and give justice to. Therefore the music industry is generating a big waste of energy as it's trying to save itself. Yet, is the world a better place than yesterday ?

Don't get me wrong, cheap - or affordable -  instruments have their place in society and we need them to get people access to music. But do we need them that much that the standards have reach such a low acceptable point of quality, to the point where people will either give up on it because not only learning is hard and not a socially rewarding activity, but the feel and sound of a poorly design and executed guitar look-a-like object is such a deceitful experience? Do we need TV shows or events for people to keep on trying to access fast notoriety and fame rather to promote discipline and daily work on their skills, to exploit potential talent and teach the true healing power of music? Do we need more "artists" that are openly promoting a "sexy-trumped" version of life in their clips? Do we want more beats that can only be appreciated at 120db+, under the influence of a cocktail of premixes, synthetic amphetamines and a sweaty quarter million people around us? Well...                        That's what we're being offered, and I doubt this doing us any good. Apart from the same illusion of satiety you get during the very first mouth full of that laboratory engineered food ultimately followed by those horrible sensations of tiredness, anger, disappointment, self-hatred...

In one word : Depression.  


The world needs better people, full stop. Music can helps us, because playing and learning music is amongst the best, cheapest and most effective therapies we can have. The same way "you are what you eat", I would add "you act like you listen". It doesn't mean we need to all become professionals, performing, touring, record selling artists, far from that actually. Simply put that a daily practice of music would ultimately bring us closer together by sharing our expressions and emotions through the a universal language. Random & improvised jams rather than just hang out to get "f@3cked up & talk sh*t" listen to whatever makes a repetitive boom bassy sound to keep us moving, and distracted from a miserable state of mind. Practice music would strengthen our memory, stretches our bodies, challenge our brains and articulate our listening skills. Therefore music has the power to turn humanity into something a bit... better! 

So if you're wandering what is "LeCinq" Club, this is nothing more than another place to help this. This is our answer to "How get people to get better through music? " A music club is not something new, it actually is one of the greatest vehicle of music culture, it's been around for a while. Of all times, people have gathered around music to connect, to learn, to heal, to feel alive. Byron Bay is a pretty special place in Australia 's music scene and now has a new musical hub with a fresh twist it can only help a bit more what the people of this town have already brought in so far. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to become a member, musician or not yet one, even simply music lovers. This a place to enjoy, learn, share, meet and experience. We all have something to learn from each other, so what the hell are we waiting for? come check it out...

It works like those new gym clubs. A small - very small in fact - membership fee  allows you access to a space filled with an ever changing collection of guitars, basses, drums, keys and what not.... A lounge space to relax and try out some new sonic paths, at low or high gains, in the brightest moments of the day or in the darkest hours - our aim is to have a 24/7 access - alone, in a band or with freshly met random visitor, have a jam, read a mag', share a word or have a listen. In return, we spend the money in various ways to keep the movement growing : hosting or sponsoring events, promoting artists both locals and travelling, get better gear for people to froth on so they don't have to get themselves in debt or facing difficulties to maintain such equipment. Basically you become part of a movement that is directly nurturing a real, healthy and humanitarian music culture. You don't have to do anything as a member, just bring every bit of skill and good vibe you'd like to share, a happy face and help us fix the way music links us all... Nothing more really! We appreciate every bit of support and any suggestions or input will be carefully reviewed and considered.

So tell yourself, tell your friends, tell your mom : "What kind of music do you want for tomorrow?" . If you want more infos about LecinQ club, us or how to make some crepes while playing the ukulele, become a member, just get in touch or come and visit us in Byron Bay if you can, we have it pretty good here - although it's rainy today -

Until my second stone, go play some guitar 'cause that's better for the planet....



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  • Nice website and a great opening blog Clem…will try to pop in on next time through the Bay


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