Cole clark - rebuild of a Fat LADY - Episode 1

So here it is the Workshop Blog finally running! I will try to keep it short and to the point, as people know me to be a bit of a talker I will try not to express that aspect through here. Enjoy the ride, the photos, leave a comment or get in touch if you need!

The "Cole CLARK" rebuild is on!


For those who showed up at LeCinQ launch party, you might have come across a guitar that has been classified as "beyond repair" by most ALL local repair-mans, guitar techs and what not, music shops as well as the manufacturer himself....

So obviously I had to give it a crack, and as I am writing those lines I still don't know if it is going to work, but bear with me, I feel pretty confident about it! ;)


 Episode I - Getting Started

So Basically here is the deal : the sides are completely smashed and have already been repaired once?! But somehow according to the owner, someone "kicked" into it! Some damages to the headstock joint are also to be dealt with, and a complete refinish will give this guitar a second breath as it has been covered in duct tape for a litlle while now. Not to mention it has been heavily strum and it has a certain charm wear that i do NOT want to take away from it!

Therefore we have to :

  • Remove the sides, save the Top and Back and potentially fix them too if needed,
  • Remove the fretboard so I can sand the top and access the heel completely,
  • Rebuild two sides to specs,
  • Check & Repair the headstock,
  • Put it all together,
  • Refinish,
  • Setup & Play!

Here we Goooooo!

Day 1 : Removing all components, triple check list of things to work on. the first thing I want to do is to remove the fretboard. When glueing a Spanish joint you want to make sure it is all well flat and aligned where you want it to be!

Then I remove the sides with a saw. I am fairly delicate, I don't want to damage the top or the back. At that point I am already thinking, " what the F#@* I got myself into? ", classic job blues post-assignment that won't last more than it takes to get rid of those broken bits of Tassie Blackwood.


Alright Now we have a interesting concept guitar, and the more I look at it, the more I am losing a bit of respect for the manufacturing techniques & choices here... 



That guitar has all the ingredients to be a great instrument, but there is a massive lack of craftsman-ship here... It seems like all those pieces were spitted out of a computers' ass and assembled by Bob the builder himself. Leaks of glue, gaps, rough edges I mean it 's not a bad thing to get machine to help but a guitar isn't going to be great if it assembled like an Ikea table, no matter how high-tech your factory is... Oh well whatever I am getting rid of it all! The kerfling seems like they're melted into the sides, I am gonna have to replace with a set of traditional type...


In the mean time, I gotta' clean it all up, than I 'll be making a mould to get those sides in place!

Stay tuned for the next episode!

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