Here you can found the guitars we have available for sale directly from our workshop. We do not keep all of our guitars on this page. If you are after something you have seen elsewhere on the gallery page, or in one of the distributing shops - or even on stage! - please get in touch with us. We are here to help you find your next guitar!

Each guitar listed here is available immediately for collection from our workshop in Byron Bay. The listing includes FREE SHIPPING in Australia and New-Zealand.  Sold under our Terms & Conditions. Please take a minute to read.

Those guitars can be anything from a production run, limited series, prototype, or even one-off custom shop piece and for most of them, they cannot be replicated partially and/or completely due to the nature of the components and materials used and/or the fabrication techniques.

We are regularly evolving and improving our manufacturing tools and processes and we thrive on providing you a great value for your investment. If you are not happy, we are committed to fixing it.

Our first and foremost goal: Playability.

If a guitar doesn't feel right to us at the end of the line she won't make it to you, the guitars that fail the test of goodness won't make it here. 

- they exist you know, those guitars that nobody wants to see, or even hear!  - 


           Now some of those instruments have been played a bit, some a bit more... Regardless of their cosmetic state, from mint to "played in", those instruments are in full functioning order.

Why? We believe in getting the best feedback possible so we share some of our instruments with musicians to get some real-world feedback on performance. So yes, a few of those guitars have already rocked out loud in front of a (very)large audience before you, some have been overseas...

Therefore they are priced accordingly due to their condition and age. Those are the ones we love keeping here - for us - until they found their home... 

We strongly encourage you to come in person into our showroom - by appointment -  if you can, so you can try them out and see if it feels right...



Please contact us if you have any inquiries about a guitar. We will happily answer any question.

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