Who is Weave?

“Life is too short to play music with boring guitars..."

We are part of an immensely strong and creative movement, that is the guitar community. Just like you, we are passionate about music, guitars and all the things that orbit around this magical instrument. The possibilities are endless. This is what playing guitar has taught us through the years, and this is what we want to express through this adventure.


As a generation facing a fast paradigm shifting rhythm in every direction, the way we make instruments has to follow up to accompany the musicians of tomorrow so they can feel just has inspired to innovate as their predecessors did. Music is strongly linked to our soul, enabling us to collectively connect but music wouldn’t be what it is today without technology. We like to experiment and we need to experiment to keep up with the soul flow. Inspiration...

At Weave Guitar Co., we love and have a strong attachment to the tradition of guitar making, but we refuse to let those admirable concepts get in the way of fresh thinking...


Australia has a lot to offer in terms of natural materials, craftsmanship, and creativity. We do things our own way down under and believe it or not, it’s more than often working rather well for us! Living in Byron Bay is like no other place on earth and it’s no wonder to see so much unleashed potential developing around here, we do what we love and love what we do. The music culture and the surf culture have been feeding on each other for many years now, and Weave Guitar Co. is nothing but their natural product.

After 10 years of experience in the guitar industry at different levels, we have decided to create something that would sound and feel unique as well as reducing the environmental impact by re-thinking the design and materials involved. The world has and is suffering enough from the cheap, short-term orientated mindset, including in guitar making. It's time to build and buy guitar consciously, and we believe that most Australian builders are doing a pretty good job at it. Americans are proud of their guitars, and so should we! 


Lachlan Buckley playing his Custom shop signature double neck Minke - The Buckleys


Our objective is to bring back a sense of respect towards music making at the deepest level. We offer a high-quality product at a very competitive price that is guaranteed to be invested towards humanly positive and eco-friendly choices. 


Weave Guitar Co.