The "Workhorse"

Our latest model is named "Asteria" which means: "Who comes from the stars". It also is a denomination for a species of starfishes. As per usual, we get inspired by nature and the forces that drives us to create and share what gets us excited about music.

This new model came up from an idea we have had for a long time and probably what is the drive of Weave Guitar Co. The goal was to create a "workhorse" type guitar that can handle any type of musical genre and any type of musician or treatment with premium material and components and a bold look without compromising on quality. We also wanted the "Asteria" to be at a competitive price point so that most working musicians could afford it. Challenge accepted!




Version Classic Classic Pro 

Scale : 25.5" - 648mm

* *

 Neck: Modern"C", 42.8mm nut, 22 Frets.

One piece Red
Amboyna timber,  bone nut, 2mm acrylic dot inlays, medium frets

One piece Red Amboyna, TUSQ nut, MOP inlay

(+$125) option :Flamed Roasted maple

Fretboard : 10" (vintage) or 14" (modern) radius
Indian rosewood, Blackbean

(+50$) option : Roasted Maple, Ebony

Body : Flat 42mm
3 pieces, arm rest contoured (incl.)option :2 piece body with  drop top or tone block, Bindings, tummy bevel or "kiesel carving"
Hardware : 4+2 tuners, Fixed bridge compensated brass saddle string through wit brass ferrules (+$250) option: "Strat"Trem, Bigsby or Masterbridge

Electronics :

Master Volume (500k), Master Tone (500k), 0.22uf cap, 3 way switch - Alpha

Master Volume (500k), Master Tone (500k), 0.22uf cap, 3 way switch - CTS

(incl.)option: 5 way switch, any capacitor and pot value

Pickups : handwound by Mr fabulous in Melbourne - p90 / mini-humbuckers / Tele bridge


Seymour Duncan or Di Marzio pickup set.


Body :Matt alkyl urethane with coloured pigment, lightly textured.

Neck : Tru-oil & wax  

(+350$) option : nitrocellulose, coloured solid and transparent pigments or clear gloss
Pick-guard & Control plate: White Acrylic 3mm
(incl.)option: Coloured & textured acrylic, chrome control plate, anodised aluminium
Accessories adjustment tools hard case - adjustment tools 
Price 2190$ from 2690$


A 3 pieces body made from medium density hard-wood that "rings" with a one piece bolt on neck paired with quality pickups and rock-solid string "through-body" anchorage is an amazing recipe for an electric guitar. We have tweaked a world-adored formula and corrected its "traditional" flaws to give the modern musician a rock machine that won't need any upgrade to get you everything you'd expect of a professional-class instrument. From practice to recording and from pub gig to the festival stage, the Classic "Asteria" will never let you down. This guitar punches above its weight and features much more than most guitars on the market at a similar price point: Compensated brass saddles on a custom steel plate, contoured heel for easy access all the way down the neck, brass neck screws for maximum tonal transmission, a real hand-cut bone nut, "Tru-oil" & wax neck finish, high quality Japanese made tuners, and reputable hand-wound Australian pickups... Seriously what else do you need? Are you one of those that needs even more? Get the pro version! This has literally everything you'd expect from a custom shop instrument, without the price tag! It's only a matter of placing your order with us - Get in touch for a full quote. 

A Classic P type in Gravel finish - Serial #00101 

The prototype : 





Order it direct from us or come try it out in our dedicated showroom or at one of our distributors!