Before buying our guitars this is the questions you should be asking: 

Who makes Weave guitars ?


Weave Guitars was founded by Clem & Bindia Smyth in 2017. It was directly built on the foundation of “Clem’s guitar hospital”, the guitar repair & service business that Clem run for 5 years prior. Together they envisioned the idea of a company that crafts quality electric guitars & basses with original designs, alternative materials, with an emphasis on sustainability and the aim to offer a boutique instrument for the working musician. All of this with an impeccable setup and customer service and attention to details.

It’s a small dedicated and passionate team. The bulk of the lutherie work is done by Clem Smyth, the luthier of Weave Guitar Co. For more than 20 years, Clem's passion for guitars has only grew bigger. Originally from France, he learned his trade secrets and foundation knowledge from a small luthier shop nearby his hometown. Refining his skills along the way by working in various woodwork shop and instrument manufacturers, Clem setup shop in Byron in 2012 shortly after arriving in Australia. 

Bindia, handles all the legal, accounting, web design & marketing aspect of the company. 

Alessandro, who joined the rank a little over 2 years ago after a career in automotive finishing and a growing passion for woodwork, is Clem’s right hand in the shop and helps along the manufacturing process.

Rono has recently joined the team, his skill set is wide and varied and thus he helps to improve the workflow process by designing new jig, as well as with product development, guitar design, and CNC production.


How are Weave guitars made?


Like most guitar company, we use a variety of processes to build our instruments. A wide range of specialised tools, purpose build jigs, and well maintained hand tools are part of the complex process that is guitar building.

We are still young and growing and as such we aren’t locked in to a particular building process. Each model has its own "birth canal" if you will. Our workshop is very flexible and we are actively working to improve on every build. A lot of handwork is involved and every single guitar will be finished, assembled and setup in our workshop and will only leave if it meets our standard of quality.

Some parts, such as the hardware, the pickups, the strings or the case, is manufactured by specialised and reputable companies, and their warranty applies to the parts that are on guitar as well. More details about each of them below.

We have carefully chosen those suppliers from years of experience and use of those product both on stage and in our repair & service business. We are offering only the finest materials and component for each Weave guitar out there.

We exclusively use tuners made in Japan by GOTOH in a state of the art facility. Not only they are elegant and compact, they are incredibly strong providing years of reliable service. It's one of the best hardware companies out there. 

We get some hardware parts cut especially for us to our specification. We do not compromise on tone, period. When possible, we get those components from an Australian manufacturer 


Are Weave Guitars Handcrafted?

100% - Like most guitars manufacturers we use a variety of tools to craft our guitars. We have a small amount of work done with a CNC to keep our manufacturing cost competitive, like most established brands. However, EVERY single part is inspected, finished by hand and follows a strict quality control along the way. All of our fretwork, finishing and setups are the tasks that require the most attention and are very labor intensive, no machines there! Just a lot of skills and passion goes into this. We will never sub contract or short cut that part of the process. That's what makes our guitars the way they feel!


What about the Tonewoods?


The ever challenging "tonewood" question...

First of all, we would like to establish that at Weave Guitar Co. we are part of those who believe that every wood is "tonewood". In a sense, we see a potential in every species, and ultimately it has more to do with the process than with the material when it comes to the end result. Of course, we will happily agree that there is a real and discernible difference in sonic, mechanical and aesthetic qualities between some species but what makes an instrument sound good, or true, is the ability of the maker to understand the subtlety of each pieces and assemble - or weave - them together so that they complement each other and help the overall product to achieve a reliable and usable sound. In short and in theory, with the right design and craftsmanship you could make anything sound good. The opposite is also true : You can take the best possible material and still create a substandard product. This has been demonstrated many times over. 


There are other factors at play : economic and environmental. The ever growing demand on exotic and imported timber, or "Tonewoods", has had its toll on the planet. Being a young company and passionate about guitars we feel definitely torn about this reality. We want to be a part of the solution and we certainly don’t want to add to the market more guitars that are build with cheap, non-durable materials, from suspicious origin or with greatly endangered status.

We have curated our "Tonewoods" to offer a high quality with low impact selection for our production instruments. Our custom shop selection is very limited and we will only source from reliable suppliers to guarantee that the most sought after species have been harvested in the most ethical way possible.

We source our materials with rigour and always as locally as it is possible. We are actively using reclaimed timber from furniture pieces, old stock, deceased estate, naturally fallen trees, farmed and domestic species to limit our impact on the planet without ever compromising on the quality of our guitars. It’s a real challenge because of the volatile nature of this resource and the high demand in other sector.

We all love guitars for what they are, and changing mentalities around what a guitar should be made of is going to take time. That being said, we are proud to be a part of the change, and we want to lead the way by offering something different and still relevant. We have been making people change their mind about traditional tonewood for a few yeasr now, and we don't intend to stop here! Try one of our guitars, hear it and feel it for yourself.


Where are Weave guitars made ?


Our workshops are located in Byron Bay, Australia. We are open to the public during business hours. We also offer all types of repair and services from there.

Unlike a lot of "Byron Bay Brand " business claiming to be made in Byron Bay, or from there, we are 100% physically established here and all the manufacturing and repair work gets carried out in those premises and is open to the public during business hours. We built the workshop ourselves from an empty warehouse, that's how dedicated we are about this!

The showroom is open by appointment only. Contact us directly to organise your visit.


Why choose a Weave guitar ?


By choosing our guitars, you choose to invest your hard earn money in a consciously run small family business, where no money is wasted on endorsements, bonuses or silly marketing campaigns…

Your instrument is a testimony of your support to the art of guitar making, by choosing an instrument that isn’t mass produced you treat yourself with a special gift that will allow you to sound and look like no one else.

Not only, you could actually feel inspired to play differently, reinvent yourself and find a new inspiration for your songwriting or your performance. We all know too well that a guitar is much more than a musical instrument. It’s a weapon, a head turner, a chick magnet… it’s just the best thing in the world!


Where to buy our guitars ?


You can buy direct from us, or from our ( ever growing ) team of distributors. We have limited stock so get in touch to see what is where, we are always happy to help. There is no price difference between our distributors and our direct sales. We have work real hard to get you a great guitar at a great price no matter where you are, and we intend to keep it that way! 


Can you order a custom guitar?


Absolutely! We will always offer you the possibility of getting a custom made guitar! It could be based from one of our model or completely made from scratch. After all, this is the drive behind every guitar builder. Get in touch directly, or talk to one of our distributors for more information. 


Do you ship guitars ?

We certainly do! We always have and always will have a FREE shipping policy Australia wide. For international orders, just send us an email, we will send you a quote! 

Please note that some of our guitars are sold without a case and we wouldn't be shipping a guitar without a case, so it would have to be purchased prior to shipping. Get in touch for a full quote!