"The tearjerker"


Our first original guitar model was directly inspired by one of the creatures that is so dear to our planet, the "Minke" whale. We are lucky enough to be building guitars in a small workshop located only metres away from the Tasman sea. Where many whales come swimming very close to on their way down to Antartica for the southern hemisphere summer season. Each year has its cycle of seeing a variety of those wonderful creatures and it's always been a source of inspiration for musicians and craftsman alike to witness the majestic grace, power and deep connections those animals are capable of. We walk those beaches every day witnessing the endless spectacle our great Nature is offering us. A Minke guitar was to be one of those instruments that would bring you to tears just by singing its notes...  


The idea was to rethink a classic. That thick & carved, short-scaled, classy instrument that is undoubtedly the weapon of the choice to melt the audience's heart playing the blues, rock and every genre that sprouted from those roots. We thought of a more compact, sexier, and more practical version of the famous LP, whilst keeping the essentials. A "tune-o-matic" type bridge, a mahogany-like tone wood for the body and set neck on a 24.75" scale, paired with hand-wound humbuckers or p90. That is the type of guitar that got some rock stars the first elevation to the ranks of "guitar gods". This original creation only needed a few things to be made a bit more versatile and comfortable to the modern player. A high access to the fretboard, a slightly improved headstock design, and a slanted bottom! There we have it: A "tearjerker", packed with punch for any occasion. It's made to rock!


 Scale : 24.75" - 628.5mm

Neck : "deep C" profile neck, radius 10" (vintage) or 14" (modern), 22 medium frets, custom inlays, 43.5mm bone nut.

Body : 1,75" - 44.5mm thick, carved or flat. 

Hardware : 3 & 3 tuning head style , Tune-o-matic bridge, tailpiece, tremolo.. 

 Pickups : 2 or 3 p90 or humbuckers

Electronics : Master Volume (500k), Master Tone (500k), 0.22uf cap, 3 way switch. (any layout available)

Tonewood options :

- Body : Alder, Mahogany, Oukoume, Quandong, Qld Maple.

- Neck : Red Amboyna for the shaft, East Indian Rosewood or Blackbean for the fretboard.

 Any custom order available for this model.


Price starts at $2590 for a stock instrument.


Despite being our oldest, this model is still evolving for us. Until now it has been produced in a variety of ways, and we are loving watching it grow. We have tried a wide combination of materials and manufacturing techniques, from forgotten timbers to reclaimed polymers, fibreglass, resin as well as classic recipe made from old growth prime timber wether they were exotic import or domestic, this shape has seen it all... We enjoy taking this guitar to new levels at every build, so if you are after something special to connect with, this is the model for you. Call us and tell us what you want to play!  

We honestly would like to think that one day we may be able to build a guitar that has less impact on this planet, and by the same token, inflating a new breath into the world of musical creation amongst guitarists. A new inspiration for tomorrow's next "guitar heros". As we design and build, we like to think that materials and components must be "weaved" with each other in order to give the player an experience that will help him to express that musical voice.



Here are a few examples of the various "Minke" we have made over the years. From the first prototypes to the custom shop "signature"... 


Minke MarianneGOTOH tuning pegs 510 backp90 white coverFiesta RedFiesta RedFiesta Red p90



Order it direct from us or come try it out in our dedicated showroom or at one of our distributors!