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We have group beginner classes and private lessons available for those of you who are looking for some, one on one time.

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Adrian has been playing guitar for over 20 years and has a wide repertoire from classical, rock, blues, jazz, finger-style to funk. Adrian's whole life is guitar and music and he loves sharing his passion and knowledge with anyone and everyone.


Fingal Capaldi

Fingal Calpaldi

Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer/Songwriter, and Avant-garde composer, Fingal Capaldi, has spent the last 20 years, plying his trade as traveling troubadour to all walks of life around the globe. For ten years he was the front man of gypsy cabaret rock band”Rapskallion”, smashing out pyrate rock’n roll to sweaty audiences, from here to Berlin. With a varied and eclectic taste in musical styles, and a variety of instruments, including acoustic and electric guitar, Harp, Accordion, Mandolin, and a plethora of flutes and whistles, it’s not so much a career, as a musical odyssey! His most profound love, is of all things guitar, with a long and fruitful relationship, playing them, fixing them, and just simply admiring their varied beauty.