Whether they are acoustic, electric or basses. We offer a range of services at fixed prices but due to the nature of the work and the many variables at hand, we may need to provide you with an individual quote. Set out below is a price guide for our standard services, this a guide only and not a definitive quote. You are welcome to come in and receive a free quote.

Services Price


  1. Nut action
  2. Neck relief
  3. String action
  4. Intonation
  5. Pickups heights
We request a fresh set of strings for each set-up, can be BYO or purchased instore.

Full Service

  1. General Set-Up
  2. Fret Board cleaning
  3. Fret polishing
  4. Hardware cleaning
  5. Electronic check-up
Nut or Saddle replacement From $90

Fret Leveling & Dress

  From $220
Fret Crowning

 From $150

Fret Polishing

 From $60

Re-Fret - Fret wire included

 From $350

Neck Repair

From $180

Acoustic Bridge Repair

From $350

Acoustic Neck Re-Set

From $500

Electronics component Replacement

$35 + price of the component

Pickups Swap

 From $50 p.p.


 The best way to contact us for a repair is by phone at 0413-470-775. We can give you a quote and a meeting time to assure that you would be served in the most timely manner.