Whether they are acoustic, electric or basses. We offer a range of services at fixed prices but due to the nature of the work and the many variables at hand, we may need to provide you with an individual quote. Set out below is a price guide for our standard services, this a guide only and not a definitive quote.

You are always welcome to come in and receive a FREE quote for any work.

Services Price AUD$

Full Service / Setup

A comprehensive overall service that includes a full setup and extra maintenance checkpoints :

  • * Neck Relief Adjustment                                        
  • * Nut height & Spacing Adjustment,
  • * Action height Adjustment,
  • * Intonation Adjustment,
  • * Pickup Adjustment & electronic check-up,
  • * Hardware check-up & cleaning, 
  • * Fretboard Conditioning & Fret Polishing,
  • * General Clean-up and Polishing
  • * Restring and Stretching 
    We request a fresh set of strings for each set-up, can be BYO or purchased in store - ask us for any brand and gauge, we are happy to advise you! 

    This full service is ALWAYS included in all the major repair procedures and the following services, as with any major work done to a guitar, a following setup is always required for good measure and performance. 

    Nut or Saddle replacement Service :

    (Bone / Graphite / Brass / Ebony / etc...)

     - Full service included

    From $180

    Fretwork Service:

    Levelling, crowning and Polishing

    - Full service included

      From $270

    Re-Fret Service:

    - US made "Nickelsilver" Fret wire included the price - add 15% for Stainless Steel or EVOGold fretwire - Many size available in store and to order. Price is depending on the type of fretboard, number of frets and strings. (i.e. a Rosewood fretboard on a Strat type instrument will be $350, however a 6 string bass with 24 frets and EVOGold fretwire will be close to $600) 

    Maple Fretboard which requires refinish can be done with gloss nitrocellulose lacquer only. 

    Full service included

     From $350

    Neck and Headstock Repair: 

    Refinish optional with colour matching

    - Full service included

    From $250

    Acoustic Bridge Repair:

    Price will depends on damage and guitar type

    - Full service included

    From $350

    Acoustic Neck Re-Set Service:

    Price is indicative only and will be asses on a case by case basis. it can vary depending on the guitar model and refinish needs

    - Full service included

    From $500

    Electronics Services :

    Jack swap ( Switchcraft brand )

    Pickup swap ( solid body electric )

    Rewiring ( cloth wire & copper shielding included )

    New Pickup Installation on instrument ( pickup not included) 

    - Full service NOT included





     Bench Fee - 

    Any Job that is under 1 hour. 



     The best way to contact us for a repair is by phone at 0413-470-775. We can give you a quote and a meeting time to assure that you would be served in the most timely manner.  

    We look forward to see you at the workshop!