Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Purple Heart Pine P90 Guitar
Purple Heart Pine P90 Guitar Ethically Sourced

Purple Heart

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The “Purple Heart” timber is amongst the hardest timber in the world. This one was sourced as an offcut of a giant piece of furniture that was commissioned here in the northern rivers. The piece we used for the neck, the fretboard is a perfect quarter sawn and incredibly consistent all across, the dynamic coming from the neck is incredible on its own.

With a D shape profile, the neck feels really comfortable and ergonomic for both chord and picking players. The body is made of a book-matched flatsawn old Australian pine. The “Shou-Sugi-ban” technique to finish the body is an ancient Japanese tradition which consists in burning the surface to crystallize the resin, then oiled to give a waterproof property to the piece, whilst leaving the ability to age naturally... its texture is very real and organic, topped with a distressed white lacquer.... the choice of pickups is modern p90 from Kent Armstrong, loud and punchy as you’d expect but with a hum-cancelling technology this takes you to another level of comfort, also integrated is a bypass switch which acts as a natural boost switch, pure joy right here!! Custom made Mother of pearl inlays and pickup covers for a being noticed a mile away!


Comes with a strap, a Hardcase - FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE



Name: “Purple heart”

Model: Mink

Scale: 24.75 - 628mm

Body: Old pine (AUS) book matched - Purple Heart backplate cover

Neck: Victorian Ash (AUS), Purple Heart (South America) / MOP inlay slanted blocks / Flamed maple binding and a bone nut.

Frets: 22 wide jumbo

Pickups: Kent Armstrong Stealth P90 set - 1 volume, 1 Tone, 3way switch, “natural boost” switch.

Hardware: Grover tuner rotomatics, Gotoh Wraparound tailpiece.

Strings: Stringjoy Light top heavy bottom 10-52 standard tuning