Stringjoy Bright Brass Meduim Strings

Stringjoy Bright Brass Meduim Strings

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The Medium gauge is perfect for those players who want a big, warm, beefy tone out of their guitar that will project with plenty of volume and definition. Coupled with the brilliant top-end of our Bright Brass, these strings make for a super loud combo that can be heard by anyone within a five-mile radius.

Stringjoy's Bright Brass is an 80/20 Bronze alloy that gives your acoustic guitar the present, punchy, articulate tone it needs to cut through any mix like a hot knife through butter. Equally suited to fingerstyle and picked techniques, this is the perfect choice for any player that requires a crisp, brilliant top-end, with an equally vibrant low-end.

One thing is for certain: these strings really kick some brass.

Gauges: .013 – .017 – .025w – .034 – .044 – .056