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We love guitars. Old, new, conceptual, classics and everything in between...

The difference between a good guitar and one you can't put down is how it makes you feel, that connection with the tone of the instrument. That's why our greatest concern for any of our guitars or a custom build is YOU! Playability is the most important aspect when it comes to design, It's got to feel right for you. We offer two different models to suit all types of guitarist and playing style.

We handcraft every single part of your instrument. Call us if you want to hear more about the guitars we make and book your next appointment for a test run in our showroom!

We also carry out any minor or major repairs, services and custom modifications. We are always happy to talk about guitars whether you are a first-time hobbyist or a touring professional.

Weave Guitar Co.

2/2 Acacia St
Byron Bay, NSW 2481 Australia

Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, By Appointment Only
Sunday, CLOSED

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Handcrafted Electric Guitars

We believe guitars have souls, just like us people.

Some would say it's the wood, some would say it's in the pickups or even the colour...

Regardless, If you believe it too, you'd know what to look for in a guitar, right?

It's a feeling, a connection.